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Frequently asked questions

Please scroll down for answers to common questions about registration, competition, and the day of the previous meets. If you still have a question, please see our Contact page and send us an e-mail.


What will the weather be like?

Weather in Hayward in July is usually pleasant, varying from average high of 77°F to average low of 58°F, with average precipitation of 0.00 inch. Morning bay fog may keep the temperature from raising, but usually the fog burns off by mid-day. There are many trees around the track area but they do not provide adequate shade. In case of warm weather, athletes may bring tents/umbrellas since there is no shade in the stands nor on the infield.

Will the Pride Track and Field Meet be held the weekend of San Francisco Pride (June 28-29, 2014)?

The Pride Track and Field Meet is not being held the weekend of San Francisco Pride. The meet is on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at Chabot College in Hayward.


How do I register if I am not a 2014 member of USATF?

Please download the Mail-In Registration Form on the Registration page.

The online registration system is not accepting my USATF membership number.

You must be a current USATF member for 2014. If you do not remember your 2014 number, you can use the member number lookup function at the USATF login page.

I have accessed the Pride Track & Field Meet event signup page, but I cannot get the system to accept my event entry.

For each event, the USATF system requires you to fill in the fields for your previous mark with the location and date, for seeding purposes. You can enter an estimate or NM (no mark) if you do not have a prior mark.

Can I add events after I have completed my online registration?

Yes. On Registration page, see Manage registration section. You can access the USATF system and update your registration online.


Can I add events at the meet?

Yes. You will need to do this when you check in. 2nd and 3rd additional events are $5 each. Fourth and subsequent events are $2.5 each.

Can I switch events at the meet?

Yes. See the Clerk of the Course. For morning events, inform the Clerk about your changes as soon as you can. For afternoon events, we require changes by 11:00 am. Please inquire at check-in if you think you may change events.

How do I sign up for relays?

You can form teams the day of the meet. Please indicate your interest on sign-up sheets at check-in.

Are 1/4″ X-mas tree spikes allowed, or are only pyramid spikes allowed?

All 1/4″ spikes will be allowed.

How many attempts do I get for jump and throw events?

All field competitors, except High Jump and Pole Vault, will get four attempts.

Facilities / Day of the meet

Is there parking near the track? How much does it cost?

Yes, there are a few parking lots. Please see our Venue page and find a link to parking map. On-campus parking is $2.00. Parking permit must be displayed on the dashboard by all vehicles.

Are there lockers or changing rooms at the track?

Please note there are no storage facilities and each individual should look after his or her personal belongings. Neither SFT&FC nor Chabot College will be responsible for lost items.

Are food or drinks available at the meet?

It’s best to bring your own food and drink, as you would to any track meet. While refreshments are not being provided at the track, there are some services available near campus a short distance away.