2019 International Front Runners AGM Registration

We are excited for you to join us in San Francisco!

Meeting Registration and Official Events

Delegate registration for the AGM costs $25. Registration includes all official events, including the meeting, the welcome party, and the post-meeting dinner. There is no limit on the number of delegates from each Front Runners organization; all are welcome to join! If you are able to join us for the welcome party at the Lookout, we ask that you RSVP by “purchasing” a free ticket so that we may welcome you. If you are unable to join us in person for the meeting but would like to connect in remotely, please buy a free “AGM Remote Participant” ticket.

Beyond meeting registration, we also are offering to provide round-trip transportation for those who are attending the Pride Meet for $10. From downtown SF, the trip to Chabot College’s track is about 45 minutes by car or longer by public transit + Uber. We will depart at 7am sharp from the Safeway parking lot at Church & Market Streets; the meeting point is directly in front of the See’s Candies storefront. We will return after the post-meet dinner in Hayward at Celia’s Mexican Restaurant, approximately 8:30pm. If you would prefer to depart SF later or return earlier, we will happily provide you transportation between the track and the closest BART station, about 3 miles.

We also are making limited edition athletic socks celebrating the 2019 AGM in San Francisco available for purchase for $15. These blue and gold athletic socks are crew cut and feature the logos of the International Front Runners and the San Francisco Track and Field Club. See Web Store for images.

Note: Delegate registration does not include: registration for the Pride Meet (June), the post-meet dinner at Celia’s, and registration for the San Francisco Front Runner’s 40th Annual Pride Run (June 29).

Register for the meeting and all official events here:
Registration and Official Events Web Store.

Additional Pride Week Events

After the end of the meeting, the fun continues! The city of San Francisco comes alive to celebrate in the week leading up to the official San Francisco Pride weekend on June 29 & 30. We have lots of activities for that week planned, including attending the LGBTQ+ film festival, the science museums, a sunset cruise, and karaoke night. You’ll also be able to march with SFFR in the Pride Parade on Sunday. We ask that you “purchase” free tickets for these events in our web store, so that we can collect interest. We are not selling actual tickets for these events; links to purchase tickets are in each item’s description.

For more information and tickets, see: Additional Pride Week Events Web Store

To find information about all our events, please see the individual items in our IFR AGM San Francisco 2019 Web Store.