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Update: We will not be using Strava or accepting GPS-based results files. Please use the form below to submit your results.

Please use the online form below to submit your own results for the Pride Meet:

Submit Individual Pride Meet results

To submit multiple competition results, please submit the form once for each result. Please only submit your best result for each event, though you are of course welcome to make multiple attempts. If you have trouble using the online form, you can submit your results manually by emailing our partners at Sweat Tracker,

Coaches may use the manual Multi-Person Results Form to submit multiple results (multiple events and/or multiple competitors):

2021 Pride Meet Multi-Person Results Submission (PDF)

2021 Pride Meet Multi-Person Results Submission (Microsoft Word)

Please email completed results form to:

Results can be submitted starting Friday June 11th at 12:00am, and no later than June 27th at 11:59pm.

Questions/concerns submitting results? Please email us at!